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To provide every organization we work with the ability to achieve their dreams.


To make a lasting, recognizable contribution to our community and world.


Model What We Sell

We sell more than just a service. It’s an idea that sometimes the answers to our biggest problems are right in front of us. We live this belief every step of the way.

Real Value 

One of the reasons we started Einstellung Labs was to offer a unique approach that has lasting value. We don’t offer any services that won’t provide lasting value to the organizations we work with.

Avoid The Einstellung Effect

Organizations hit walls when they don’t capture the unique solutions sitting in front of them. The EL evaluation process is built with feedback loops to avoid just that.

Efficiency Plus Quality

You shouldn’t have to choose between the right way and the fast way. So we won't make you.

Do things right

It's not just about the quality of the work, it's about HOW we do it.


We make sure our ideas and services are available to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Play Hard

We value a culture of spirited fun, never taking ourselves too seriously, and always looking for the joy in what we do.

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